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This week's menu

Since the start of my clinical rotation at the beginning of January, I've had (literally) zero time to prepare anything worthwhile or healthy during the week. So began the weekly menues - with every meal and snack carefully planned out so not to use up all my favorites first and be left with only ho-hum meals at the end of the week. If it were up to my lack of imagination from exhaustion during the week, I'd be living off of spinach and cottage cheese salads for lunch and yogurt with cereal for every other meal. THANK GOODNESS for Sunday cooking days!! I plan my meals on the weekend and prepare almost everything to be ready to eat during the week.

As a dietitian (soon-to-be) I have been telling people how important meal planning is for health and budgeting, yet didn't jump fully on the band wagon myself. I am now hooked! And although I've been doing this for over a month consistently with great success, I finally thought I'd start sharing with everyone and include some recipes over the week as well. :)

This weeks menu:

Breakfasts - always either greek yogurt with Kashi Go Lean or oats; or fruit smoothie with protein powder

Lunch - Squash ravioli and tomato sauce with Greekish salad
Snack - bag of cut fruit
Dinner - Tandoori Chicken with wild rice and roasted vegetables (I got left over vegetables from an event I worked this weekend - score!)
*Quick note on the roasted veggies - they are potatoes, eggplant, onions, and peppers marinated in a honey mustard sauce.

Lunch - Tandoori Chicken with wild rice and roasted vegetables (yep that is a repeat from the night before)
Snack - bag of cut fruit or grapes
Dinner - vegetarian meal with my weekly life/religion/philosophy/ discussion group

Lunch - Black bean noodles and tomato onion salad with chicken and na'an
Snack - Fruit
Dinner - Squash ravioli with tomato sauce

Lunch - Bean noodle salad with tomato, onions, and chicken
Snack - Grapes
Dinner - Egg omelet

Lunch - Squash ravioli with sauce and mixed vegetables
Snack - Nectarine
Dinner - On the go yogurt before a Sports Nutrition Conference

Check back later in the week for recipe updates for tandoori chicken, squash ravioli, and a quick post on why I'm in love with Greek yogurt. :)

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