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Albuquerque Foods Week One

Ok... so there are actually two weeks of good food represented... but I thought I'd get two birds with one stone while I continue to plan some new recipes and posts. Get excited!!

First night in ABQ, we went to Flying Star Cafe - I got the eggs florentine over polenta - really good, but a a little salty.

Second night was spent taking in some "traditional" New Mexican fare at Church Street Cafe in Old Town. Luckily we were staying nearly across the street and had a chance to walk around and visit some cute shops. Oh - and I ordered a breakfast burrito with potatoes and it came out as a giant meal!

I left out a few meals... or forgot to photograph them. However once I got in to my new apartment, it was back to cooking my own meals. Thank goodness!

First meal in the new place was honey BBQ chicken, zucchini fries, and cantaloupe. Delicious!

And... first "to be" recipe meal of the week was sweet corn risotto and rosemary chicken breast. Naturally since the risotto recipe called for wine, I poured myself a glass. :)

Very monochromatic meal recipe coming soon! PS - I had a bowl of fruit for more color later in the evening as dessert.

Can't wait to get my kitchen started again for some new recipes. I feel fall coming on and that means pumpkin and apples, yum.

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