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89FM: The Truth Detector Rádio via DM9DDB São Paulo

Car radio dial shows if those interviewed on 89FM are lying or telling the truth. 89FM, one of Brazil's leading radio stations, has developed an innovative new approach to one of the world's oldest forms of electronic media. This innovation accompanies the release of a new interview format with proprietary dynamics and content: "Truth Detector," a Radio Talk show in which listeners can see on their radio dial if the person being interviewed is lying or telling the truth.

The program works like this: a list of guests has accepted the challenge of being interviewed while they are connected to a polygraph – equipment used by the police to find out whether people are telling the truth. With Radio Data System technology, the listener will see in real time the words 'true' or 'lie' on the radio dial.

Controversial personalities from a host of different backgrounds such as show business, fashion, health and music, among others, accepted the challenge of having their answers analyzed as true or false.

"This is proprietary and highly innovative content for 89FM, giving our listeners a new kind of entertainment, and bringing them close to what interviewees are thinking," says Luiz Gustavo Vieira, da 89FM.

"The Truth Detector" blends technology, entertainment and content, offering innovation to agency clients as well as to the end customer, the listener," says Aricio Fortes, Vice President for Creation at DM9DDB, the agency that created the project.

Creative Credits:
Agency: DM9DDB, São Paulo, Brazil
Client: 89 FM
Title: Truth Detector Radio
Chief Creative Officer: Aricio Fortes, Marco Versolato
Executive Creative Director: Paulo Coelho
Creative Directors: Leo Macias, Zico Farina
Art Diretor: Rafael Segri
Copywriter: Filipe Medici
Production Company: Spray Filmes
Director: Fernando Grostein Andrade, Raoni Rodrigues
Sound: B, A, Start!

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