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"Talking Bones" for Danish Dignity Institute Campaign via Grey Paris

More than 125,000 political violence and torture victims live in France.
Yet, the Government has still not implemented a health and social security policy to help or assist victims.

Based of these observations, The Dignity Institute – an international association based in Denmark
with 30 years’ experience across 20 countries – has mandated Grey Paris to run an awareness campaign.

With « Talking Bones », Grey Paris takes you intimately closer to the victims suffering.
The agency had the innovative idea of recording torture victim’s audio testimonies on their own medical x-rays.
Place the x-ray on a turntable and you can play it like a vinyl record and listen to Arta’s, Adnan’s and Fidele’s stories.

A hypnotically, mind-blowing effect.
Hearing the victims’ stories - whilst seeing with your own eyes their physical injures- forces you to face the reality.

It is impossible to ignore.
Suddenly, you become brutally aware that torture is not exactly as you imagined.
It is not a distant issue but a tangible reality in France.

In order to make torture a key issue of debate - Grey Paris sent vinyl records to key French
influencers to create a real conversation about this highly sensitive subject.

Creative Credits:
Advertising Agency: Grey Paris

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