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Introducing The HIV Health-Share Project via Let's Talk HIV

Donate your Health Care to someone who needs it.
In Sweden there is a healthcare benefit called Friskvardsbidrag, a sum of money you get from your employer. You can use it for a gym membership, physical therapy or any healthcare-related activity.
Many people have an opportunity to use this great benefit through their work, many choose not to. This means that a large amount of potential do-good-money goes to waste every year. Until now.
Introducing The HIV Health-Share, a simple idea that let's you donate your personal healthcare benefit to someone else.
Ad Agency: DDB, Stockholm
Creative Director: Fredrik Simonsson, Magnus Jakobsson
Art Director: Gustav Holm, Joakim Khoury
Copywriter: Gustav Holm, Daniel Vaccino
Motion Graphic Designer: Eskil Lundberg
Account Manager: Camilla Ryttare
Editor: Johannes Gustafsson
Production Company: DDB Film
Producer: Carl Linder
Artworker: Petter Mollberg-Fagring, Peter Danielsson
Digital Developer: Patrick Chan
Digital Director: Andreas Fabbe
Factor: Anna Hellenberg
Sound design: Red Pipe
Music: Max Linder
Thanx to: Lotta Lundgren and The Embassy.
Public Relations: Simon Strand

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