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Lanes Health - Let Mama Lanes App

Motivated by the relationship between the Greek mother and her offspring, socialab in association with Lanes Health created the application "Let Mama Lanes".

The main purpose of this activation is to create awareness of Lanes Health and its products, in a funny way.The application is about the favorite taglines of mothers, such as “Take a jacket with you”

“Don’t be late!”, “Wake up, it’s almost afternoon”. The fans were asked to write in the application which is the tagline that their mothers often tell them.

On the 1st day of the application’s release more than 1.000 mothers’ taglines were gathered.

The purpose of this activation is to create awareness and also to increase the page’s reach and fans. Apart from that, we would like the page to be friendlier and funnier to the fans.

Creative Credits:
Advertised brand: Lanes Health
Advert title(s): Άσε τη μαμά να...Lanes
Headline and copy text (in English): Let Mama Lanes
Advertising Agency: Socialab, Athens, Greece
Agency website:
Art Director: Tonia Loran
Copywriter: Irini Georgi
Designer: Mariana Evmolpidou
Account Director: Tasos Veliadis
Account Director: George Anagnostopoulos
Account Manager: Eva Mpouzi

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