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"Let Mama Lanes" Vending Machine Installation

This cool promo is the much awaited sequel of a successful facebook activation created by Lanes Health and called “Let Mama Lanes” (where “Lanes” is a pun because it sounds just like “say” in Greek). Through the facebook app, we gave users the opportunity to talk about their over-protective mothers in public and share their most epic “Mama quotes”, in a fun and engaging way.

But a truly great idea –let alone the Greek Mama herself- can’t be restricted to the narrow context of a digital campaign. This is why the activation was led to a highpoint with the conception of an interactive vending machine which was placed in the biggest shopping mall in Athens (The Mall Athens). Visitors were given the chance to meet the Greek Mama up close and personal, and take part in the one and only “Mama knows best so you’d better listen to what she says if you want to get a treat” experience.

The vending machine was “armed” with dozens of Mama-quotes ready to be fired at will to unsuspecting passers-by in order to convince them to join in the fun and play. All they had to do was follow Mama’s orders to the T and, if they proved to be good, they would be rewarded. How? With Lanes vitamins, of course. The result? Mama was the star of the show and offered –apart from vitamins- lots and lots of smiles, while the vitamins themselves won the heart of the public. Mama approves!

Creative Credits:
Advertised brand: Lanes Health
Advert title(s): Άσε τη μαμά να...Lanes Vending Machine
Headline and copy text (in English): Let Mama Lanes Vending Machine
Advertising Agency: Socialab, Athens, Greece
Agency website:
Art Director: Tonia Loran
Copywriter: Irini Georgi
Designer: Mariana Evmolpidou
Account Director: Tasos Veliadis
Account Director: George Anagnostopoulos
Account Manager: Eva Mpouzi
Account Manager: Despoina Skordili
Account Manager: Fragiskos Kavroudakis

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