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Meet The Brilliant Sculptors Behind Brita's "Sugar Biology"

Harvest Films, based in Los Angeles, have commissioned sculptors Brendan Jamison and Mark Revels to create a giant human-shaped city in sugar cubes for a commercial by global giant Brita, the German water-filter company. Using 221,314 sugar cubes and measuring 8 metres long (26 feet), the sculpture represents the average amount of sugar that one human being consumes in a lifetime. The TV campaign is designed to highlight the serious health risks of drinking liquids with high sugar content. It will no doubt shock and bedazzle in equal measure.

Sculptors Mark Revels and Brendan Jamison on set during the filmingof the Brita commercial featuring a giant human city constructed from 221,314sugar cubes. Commissioned by Harvest Films, Los Angeles. Image via:
Drinking one soda a day may not seem like much, but this simple choice can add up. In fact, over an average lifetime, drinking just one regular soda a day is the equivalent of consuming over 221,000 sugar cubes. What does that look like? Watch and see.

Ad Agency: DDB, California
Production: Harvest House
Directed by Matthias Zentner

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