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Nice Shoes and BBDO Craft a Natural Look for CVS Rebrand

BBDO put together an all-star team to produce “We Wish” and “Deep Breath,” the broadcast spots that launched the rebrand of CVS Caremark as CVS Health. Led by BBDO producer Regina lannuzzi, the team included RSA director Jake Scott, Crew Cuts editors Sherri Margulies and Danielle Sclafani, and Nice Shoes colorist Chris Ryan.

Nice Shoes’ Ryan collaborated with the BBDO team and the editors from Crew Cuts to bring out the natural beauty of the footage, which features real people in real environments rather than actors on constructed sets. The spots highlight the brand’s desire to aid customers in living healthier lives, both by removing cigarettes from store shelves and by providing smokers with comprehensive plans to quit smoking.

“The BBDO team and their clients really liked how Jake and his DP shot everything,” said Ryan, who was impressed by the footage and the agency’s approach for the color grading session. “I worked with them to create a look that let the cinematography shine through. Rather than trying to fix anything, we were all struggling to make a choice between three or four directions that all looked beautiful. It’s a great problem to have.”

The spots made their debut on a giant screen in Bryant Park in New York City as part of a massive installation executed by BBDO that also included a 50-foot cigarette that was gradually extinguished.

“This campaign is on par with some of the best advertising being produced right now,” said Ryan. “It was crafted by an expert team, which really let me focus on letting the stunning imagery that was shot come out naturally.”

Creative Credits:
Product: CVS
Spots Title: “Deep Breath,” “We Wish”

Agency: BBDO
Creative Group Head: Tom Darbyshire
Producer: Regina Iannuzzi
Art Director: Bill Schwabb
BBDO Music Producer: Rani Vaz
Account Person(s): Morgan Seamark, Francine Li, Justin Perrelli, Cullen Schielle, Justin Clark
Production Company: RSA
Director: Jake Scott
DP: Trent

Editorial: Crew Cuts
Editors: Sherri Margulies, Danielle Sclafani

Color Grading: Nice Shoes
Colorist: Chris Ryan
Executive Producer: Ed Koenig
Producer: Rebecca Mitchell

Music House: Tone Farmer

Audio: Sound Lounge
Sound Engineer: Tom Jucarone

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