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The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine Uses Google To Warn You Not To Use Google

More and more people are searching health information via Google. Not without risk, because googling your symptoms makes it worse. People often end up at sites with downright wrong advice.
That is why DDB Brussels made a campaign to warn people and to convince them to check a reliable source on the internet. Where else than on Google, warn the public of the possible dangers of Googling? Read more about the ad campaign from DDB Brussels here.

Creative Credits:
Campaign: Don’t google it.
Client: Gezondheid en Wetenschap
Contacts clients: Marleen Finoulst, Elizabeth Bosselaers & Patrick Vankrunkelsven
Ad Agency: DDB Brussels
Creative Director: Peter Ampe
Creative Team: Tim Arts & Stefan van den Boogaard
Head of Digital: Geert Desager
Strategic planner: Maarten Van Daele
Senior Account Manager: Silvie Erzeel
TV-Producer: Brigitte Verduyckt
Digital producers: Stefanie Warreyn & Maarten Breda
Webdeveloper: Christophe Gesquière
Design: Andreea Buescu & Cedric Lopez
Content planner: Michael D'hooge
Production company: Lovo
Director: Norman Bates
Producer: Bert Brulez & François Chandelle

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