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The Decision - A Cliffhanger

This short film tells the story of two middle-aged friends who have lost control of their car and find themselves on the edge of a cliff. In this precarious situation, the two talk about whether they want to donate their organs or not. What sounds very serious, is treated with humor and exaggeration by the film. Thanks to this unconventional approach, the film opens access to serious issues whose decision is often put off for far too long.
Client: Federal Office of Public Health Switzerland
Advert Title: The Desicion
Responsible for population information, Transplantation and Reproductive Medicine: Karin Wäfler
Head of campaigns: Adrian Kammer
Agency: Leo Burnett Zurich
Executive Creative Director: Johannes Raggio
Creative Team: Peter Brönnimann, Johannes Raggio, Pablo Schencke
Agency Producer: Erasmo Palomba
Account Manager: Michael Gassler
Account Assistant: Nino Zuberbühler
Director: Micha Lewinsky
Production Company: stories AG Zurich
Producer: Yves Bollag
Line Producer: Lourdes Ribas
Production Assistant: Billy Bains
DoP: Daniela Knapp
Music: Markus Schönholzer, Micha Lewinsky
Editing: Beni Fueter
Postproduction Supervisor: Denis Spycher
Color Grading: Fabian Kimoto
Sound Design: Gian Dolder
Sound Mix: Jingle Jungle Zurich
3D: Tamas Fiedler

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