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Thornberg & Forester's PSA for World Food Program USA

The award-winning bicoastal design and digital production company Thornberg & Forester launch new PSA entitled "School Meals: Potential" for World Food Program USA (WFP USA),
T&F co-founder and director Scott Matz says, "We wrote and designed a story to showcase the incredible fact that World Food Program School Meals nourish not only the bodies of thousands of children most in need, but also aid in the development of their minds (through education). While the film is a testament to WFP's sheer passion and drive to fight hunger on a global scale, it also celebrates the human spirit. The film looks squarely in the eye of the issue, promotes awareness and offers an engaging call to action in an aspirational way."
And courtesy of T&F copywriter Todd Feitlin, here’s the official campaign message from WFP USA: Every child, no matter where they come from or what language they speak, all have one thing in common: Potential. Potential for greatness. Potential to change the world as we know it. WFP USA knows future greatness is all around us. And the key to unlocking that greatness is a good education. Today 66 million students across the developing world will go to school hungry. We have the power to make a positive change by supporting United Nations World Food Programme which provides school meals to more than 24 million children each year. School meals help stop chronic hunger and improve children's nutritional health. Increase their ability to learn and give them a chance to develop their untapped potential. Join WFP USA and help provide children with the nourishment and nutrition they need. Together, we can feed the young potential of the world. Fill the cup, feed a dream:
Creative Credits:  
Project Name: World Food Program USA's "School Meals: Potential" PSA
Client: World Food Program USA
VP: Meighan Stone
Design and Production Company: Thornberg & Forester
Creative Director: Scott Matz
Copywriter: Todd Feitlin
Executive Producer: Elizabeth Kiehner
Producer: Kelsey Thomson
Red Cup logo design: Morgan Goldberg
Editorial: Kendra Elliott
Animation: Scott Matz, Keith Endow
Stock Footage: Human
Stills and Additional Footage: World Food Program Archives
Music: "You Are Enough" from Sleeping At Last

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