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Health Tips: Easy and fast tips for weight loss

Do you need or want to lose that extra unwanted weight? With advice given by an expert you may see the fat burning faster than you thought.

Easy and fast tips for weight loss

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Leave the food scale

Portion control has nothing to do with measuring. Instead it is about ordering two appetizers. Leaving the entrée. Smaller portions of pasta and bread.

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Lots of fruit

Keep some fruit at work. It is healthier option than chocolate. It will help to calm the craving for a snack.

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Limit yourself

In the cafeteria use a styrofoam box. Put in there want foods you want. You will almost never overeat.

Tips to remember when you plan to weight lose

Brush teeth after dinner

After dinner brush teeth. You will be less likely to eat again before going to bed.

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Beware of liquid calories

It is advised to leave lemonade calorie filled juice and also wine.

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Pitcher filled with infused water

Instead of going for drinks like tea coffee or sodas, consider a pitcher filled with water and fruits

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Left overs

When you serve yourself. Immediately pack the left over foods in a container and put it away.

Take a picture

Take a picture of yourself only with underwear. Call it the before picture. So if you fall of the wagon you can look at that and motivate yourself.

Few simple ways to get to the slimmer you. But as mentioned earlier it is advised to make life style changes. You will feel happier and healthier for making that life changing decision.

If you do have some question, feel free to ask me.

Using this natural green coffee bean extract, known and used for centuries, is nothing more, but a return to the old methods of our ancestors. Natural medicine blessed green coffee for improving the digestive tract and bloodstream to work properly. When it was discovered that green coffee helps to lose weight effectively - it quickly became a real television hit. The effects of green coffee bean extract have been clinically studied by a group of scientists from the University of Scranton (Pennsylvania , USA ) who used a control group that was double-blind. People using GREEN COFFEE Plus lost 21 lb on average. Their BMI index fell by 10,3 %, and the percentage of body fat decreased by 15.8 %. And that's just within the first 6 weeks of treatment!

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