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Health Tips: How can skin be damaged by stress

Most of us know that we are or can be very stressed. Fact is life can be very stressful. But how does it affect the skin? Your complexion suddenly starts to be break out into acne or early signs of wrinkles start to appear.

How can skin be damaged by stress

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You ever saw someone who's face start to look flushed in an unnatural way? Rosacrea is caused by stress. It increases the hormone cortisol. But as adrenaline increase it can also cause acne wrinkles psoriaris and rosacea.

Another way the skin get affected by being stressed is when stressed the adrenaline increases. Directing blood away from your skin to your muscles. That can cause a pale bloodless complexion. If you suffer from this consult your doctor immediately.

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Stress stiffen your muscles and that obstruct blood flow that is normal to the skin. It is a good idea to find a balance with herbs medication and exercise.(((Benefits of green tea))) That way your complexion will be glowing again. And you will be dealing with stress in a healthier way.

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