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Health Tips: Secrets nails reveal about your health

We may not realize it, but our nails tells a few secrets of our health. The shape, texture, color and complete condition reveals a few secrets about our health.

Secrets nails reveal about your health

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Brittle, weak and splitting nails

Can you easily bend or break your nails? It reveals aging. The advice is to leave the manicures. Your nails just like your skin is in need of rest. give your nails time to breath. Use moisturizer after working with water. It can also tell that there is a deficiency in Vitamin A

Nails that are yellow

Your nails have a hint of yellow? It can be caused by a nail fungus. Stains from smoking or on a less serious note, can be from using dark nail polish.

If the reason is staining because of dark nail polish. you can use denture cleaner to to help remove the stains. For nail fungus, I would suggest getting something from a pharmacy or your doctor. as it can be tricky to conquer.

White dots on nails

White small dots that is visible on the nails. It can be from trauma to the nail. Maybe working to aggressive with your cuticles. Trying to trim it.

The solution is to let it grow out. If it does not grow out. It is a good idea to see your dermatologist as the cause can be a fungal infection.

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Dark vertical bands

This one is serious so please read this. Dark lines that is from top to the bottom of the nail. It is common for dark skinned people. But when a single and new band appear. It can be a malignant melanoma—a. A potentially deadly type of cancer. Please see a dermatologist immediately.

Nail beads

Vertical beadings that is almost like candle wax drippings. It can be caused by changes in hormones. Diabetes or stress.

You can smooth your nails by using a medium grit buffer to help smoothen the rough ridges. But it is advices to see your doctor to know the right treatment.

So the next time you look at your nails. Know that your nails tells you about health conditions. Take note of what secrets they tell you.

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