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Health Benefits of Egg
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Eggs are considered as an incredible health food. These are simply great and the best food item for growing children. Egg whites are free from fat and are extremely high in protein. It contains lots of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B. The egg yokes have fat and essential energy giving products that provide enough supplements for the child, as he or she remains active the entire day.

Ten Health Benefits of Egg

Recent study has revealed that eggs are simply great for our eyes and provide the essential nutrients that prevent some major eye disorders like cataract and many others.

One egg contains 9 essential amino acids and high quality protein that is about 6 gm in one egg.

According to researchers there is no connection of eggs with heart ailments. They rather believe that an egg a day prevents blood clotting, heart attaches and stroke.

Egg is a good source of choline, which helps regulating the nervous system, brain and cardiovascular system.

The fat content is just right in an egg and the saturated fat is also in exact quantity that is required by our body daily.

Initially it was believed that egg has negative impact on cholesterol. But now the researchers are of the opinion that moderate consumption of egg has no impact rather.

The Vitamin D is a natural source and only eggs contain them. You cannot get this Vitamin from any other food source than egg.

Study is going on and the researchers are finding that eggs prevent breast cancer and one egg a day or 6 eggs a week has helped reduce risks of breast cancer to almost half.

In addition to overall health benefits, eggs also help in growing healthy hair and nails. Many people have observed that their hair grew faster and healthier when egg was added to their daily diet.

Eggs also help in weight loss. It is believed that egg whites if added to the breakfast provide the protein to sustain and helps one remain feeling full for longer hours.

Benefits of Raw Eggs

When it comes to maximum benefit, experts advice that the egg should be consumed raw. Eggs have the best advantage when eaten raw without whipped or beaten as well. It happens that breaking or cooking the egg spoils and destroys lot of nutrients in it. The nutritional values in the egg get exposed to heat and their chemical shape changes. It is believed this is the main cause why many people are allergic to eggs.

Raw eggs are excellent tonic when they are either organic or come from healthy free-range chickens. Regular consumption of raw egg, in fact does wonders on health in general. The main reason is that they boost the immune system and is a complete and balanced nutritional supplement.

The raw eggs have the maximum benefit when they are broken up in a cup and swallowed without stirring or whipping. They are, however tasteless and easy to swallow. You can take some precautions like do not consume if the egg is broken or if it smells off when you break it into the cup.

With so many benefits of eggs, it is advisable for people of all age group to consume at least an egg a day so that to keep healthy for longer time. Many recent researches have proved that the cholesterol in egg has no impact on the cholesterol deposited in the body. Furthermore, eggs contain vital nutrients that help the body to process cholesterol and fats.

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