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Health Tips: 4 Cancer Giving Foods

Certain foods are known to be healthy and of benefit to us. But there is other foods that increase our risk of getting cancer. Today I am mentioning 4 foods that does just that. It has been proven scientifically.

4 Cancer Giving Foods

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Popcorn from microwave:

When we sit and watch movies. We love to snack on popcorn. The packets you place in the microwave is so easy to prepare. But as its proven microwave popcorn contains carcinogenic chemicals that may cause cancer. (Pancreatic, liver and testicular cancer)

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Tomatoes in cans:

Many of the articles onhealthblog discusses the benefits of tomatoes. But canned tomatoes causes consumers to be exposed to cancer. The lining of the can contains a chemical that can create cancer. (Reproductive problems, heart ailments and cancers)

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We associate good times and gatherings with relaxing with our favorite alcohol. But it is considered the second highest cause of cancer. But that is with excessive alcohol. It can cause stoke death or heart failure. (Liver, colon, mouth, breast, rectum and esophagus cancer) But if used moderately it has benefits like improved digestion and reduce heart disease.

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Meat Processed:

Due to excessive salt and chemicals being used in processing meat those who eat it are more vulnerable to cancer. It contains preservatives and carcinogen.

These are just 4 foods that can cause cancer. It is advised to avoid it for a longer happier and healthier life.

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