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5 Common Health Issues In The World

The health sector has been gaining a lot of attention lately. More and more concerns are coming into surface each year and there are still many that experts are finding solutions to. There are many health problems from different parts of the world that when combined, form big issues that everyone must be aware of. The following are some of these issues.

1. Lack of Proper Sanitation and Hygiene PracticesMost diseases especially bacterial are due to the fact that many areas do not observe proper sanitation and hygiene practices. This can be attributed to their lack of clean water and their way of living. Contaminated water containing chemicals, bacteria and viruses causes skin infection, irritations, respiratory problems, and other medical conditions among people. Both adults and children also do not practice hand washing which is one of the reasons why they acquire certain diseases.2. High Rate of Children MortalityThere is an increasing rate of children drying before they reach the age of five. In some countries such as Mexico, infant and children mortality are already alarming. Most causes are different kinds of diseases afflicting children and pregnancy complications. Family planning and improved data collection are some of the solutions which health organizations from all over the globe are adopting.3. More Deaths due to Fatal DiseasesEach year, more and more people are dying from fatal diseases. One of these is AIDS which experts still have not found a cure for and yet, a large number of people are infected with the HIV virus because of unprotected sexual intercourse. There is also malaria and other diseases which are brought to people by insect bites which resulted from unclean surroundings. Different kinds of cancer, heart diseases, stroke, etc. are some of the most common illnesses that cause more deaths every year.4. Increased Rate of Substance AbuseDrugs and alcohol abuse are a common health problem. Both have resulted to the development of diseases such as kidney and lung cancers among users of these substances. A huge part of the world population is addicted to smoking or drinking alcoholic liquor and this has greatly affected their way of living and their health.5. Lack of Health Workers, Facilities and TechnologiesThere is a need for more health workers, facilities and technologies to answer the health needs of people all over the world. Many areas still do not have hospitals or clinics wherein their sick people can be treated. Trained workers to cater to certain health needs and conditions are lacking in number. Necessary technologies to make services easier and faster have also not been developed which slows down the process of giving health services.These are the common health issues that we must be aware of so that we can help in finding solutions and un making a healthier world for the coming generations.

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