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Old Advertising of Cigarettes

Old advertising of cigarettes - madly interesting and informative piece both from the point of view of a creative of those years, and from the point of view of assumptions of morals of those years. To us now, from different directions surrounded with laws, conventions, interdictions and obligations to look at the western advertising of cigarettes of the middle of the last century both it is ridiculous, and it is surprising.

Advertising of cigarettes for a long time already — the most uncertain moral aspect of the advertising industry. But then advertisers did not stop before what to sell the product. The number of "victims" of tobacco advertising included celebrities, doctors, women, children, military, animated characters, the Christmas, nostalgia and, is final — sex.

Desperately eulogising means of finishing of the person to a cancer of easy, warm diseases and other problems with health, advertisers and agencies, nevertheless, have created is much exemplary advertising art which are collected in this material.

Do You Love a Cigarettes?

Du Maurier for people with a taste for something better
I'm realistic. I only smoke facts
Lead women around by the nose
My throat in safe with
Senior Service
The party's and they've all gone home
They satisfy
Viceroy's got the taste that's right!
Rap'n Kent
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