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In 2007 bronze in Cannes in a category "social advertising" it is awarded to a social spot "Singing Cowboy" for antinicotinic campaign The Truth.

Agencies Arnold Worldwide and Crispin Porter + Bogusky have shown a small sketch in streets of New York. As the cowboy on a horse (a parallel with an image of cigarettes Marlboro) has arrived to a halt and began to sing with a companion a song under a guitar. All anything, yes only was sung by the cowboy not in the most usual and habitual image — through a hole in a throat. After operation on a throat, caused by long-term smoking, it is unique possibility to publish articulate sounds.

And in a cheerful song it is sung that "you not always die of tobacco, sometimes you simply lose a lung. You not always die of tobacco, sometimes to you simply cut out language. And you cannot beautifully sing because of the big hole in your neck. Because you not always die of tobacco".

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