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The Ecological Project «Tck tck tck»

Agency Arc Communications in the Great Britain has developed external campaign for the ecological project «Tck tck tck».

Let's remind, that the project «Tck tck tck» has been started by organisation Global Humanitarian Forum in this summer at the International festival of advertising Cannes Lions. The purpose of the project headed by Kofi Annan, the former secretary general of the United Nations, attraction of attention of the world community to the International conference on climate COP15 which will take place in Copenhagen in December of this year.

Advertising agencies in the different countries join the initiative, free of charge developing advertising campaigns for Tck tck tck.

German chancellor
I'm sorry
Italian president
President of Russia

English advertisement makers from agency Arc have developed prints of the next 2020. On billboards the political leaders who have grown old on 11 years apologise that catastrophic changes of a climate could stop, but have not made it. The campaign slogan «Act now — Change the future» urges to be activated now to change the future.

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