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More and more Americans save on a food and the matter is that notorious crisis. For 2008 products have risen in price for 17,7%, and this year increase of the prices can reach 20%. Thus to earn we became less approximately on 13%. As strongly such statistical units will be reflected in preferences at a choice of products, it is possible to assume, if compare the total family budget at the Europe and the USA.

In an average European family on meal 10-20% of incomes, while at us almost 43% leave. If to consider, what to save we have got used, first of all, on quality, that time to attend to health of fellow citizens which directly depends on a food. Health of Americans about which improvement in the near future it is possible to forget became a consequence of inflation and reduction of salaries.

Preventive Maintenance of Diseases

Preventive maintenanceSpeaking about nation health, it is impossible to forget about such important indicator for the country, as birth rate which constantly falls including because of moving of young families from villages in cities «on earnings». Crisis and inflation can do much harm and here.

The rural family on the average has three children, and in a city — only one. For this reason it is necessary to keep countrymen in native places because environment influences a way of life.

The Healthy Girl

Healthy womanTo convince young families there can be only a good infrastructure and the salary. However all the same it is not enough of it. Partly low incomes in villages are guilty in huge unemployment reaching 50% because it is sometimes more favourable to people to sit on the grant, than to earn for a life pennies on heavy work.

Bad conditions of a life and absence of employment became the reason of general drunkenness in a countryside. The alcoholism, in turn, sharply reduces life expectancy of peasants, especially men.

Such problem is well familiar to Finns who yet had so a long time a similar problem, but could solve it successfully. The general director of known company Mika Koskinen has given an example one Finnish province where thanks to unemployment decrease in a countryside, life expectancy has increased for 20 years. Besides an equipment, the Finnish government was engaged also in the spiritual. Citizens urged to conduct a healthy way of life and more attentively concerns the food. Probably, experience of neighbours could help and the American province.

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