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Health Tips: How to Control Your Blood Pressure With Simple Exercises

There are many people who discover raised blood pressure (BP) in a routine health check up. If it is quite high, they are prescribed medications to control it. If it is of milder degree, they may be advised to control it with diet changes and exercises.

Most of the studies about effect of exercises on blood pressure state that if you use large muscles of your body during exercise, it reduces the resting BP to a normal level in those patients who have mild hypertension. More specifically, aerobic exercise brings down the BP around 10 points in both systolic and diastolic pressures.

You should be careful to start with any exercise program because they may be proscribed in severe hypertension where doing any vigorous exercise may actually cause more damage than good to your body. Before you decide to do any exercise, talk to your doctor and get yourself examined for severity of high BP and any other condition, arthritis for instance, which may cause harm if you exercise.

During the exercise, the blood pressure initially rises because of higher level of adrenaline in the blood circulation. That is why all types of exercises are avoided in severe degree of high blood pressure. The initial high BP during exercise is temporary. To avoid any problems, you can ask your doctor to give you some medication to keep the surge in BP during exercise within normal levels.

Since high blood pressure is a chronic condition, your efforts to control it should also continue for long time. Exercises are a very good way to do so.

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