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6 Facts About Smoking


  1. Each 8 seconds, in the world dies 1 person, a cause of death — the tobacco.
  2. China is the native land of 300 million smokers which consume approximately 1.7 trillion cigarettes/Year (or 3 million cigarettes/min).
  3. Cigarettes — the most consumed product all over the World! Annually in the different countries 1 trillion cigarettes is on sale. The tobacco industry — the most profitable manufacture all over the World: the annual profit makes $400US billion.
  4. According to the World Health Organization data, about 25% of all sold cigarettes — counterfeit.
  5. In Holland tobacco smoking is strictly forbidden, but here if the cigarette of tobacco does not contain — smoke without problem! For this reason in Holland it is more safe to smoke marihuana.
  6. 95% of smokers after a myocardium heart attack give up smoking at once.

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