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Coffee & Hypertension


Coffee Experiment

Medical enthusiasts have doubted that frequent consumption of coffee is connected to increase of arterial pressure.

Scientists have analyzed the data collected during previous six researches in which have taken part 170,000 persons. In all researches has been analyzed the data about how many cups of coffee they drink during the day (without teeth whitening).

Supervision over participants proceeded 33 years. It has appeared that the hypertension has come to light at every fifth of the investigated. At the same time scientists do not assert that the risk does not exist at all. Critics notice that researchers have not considered some important factors. For example, participants of some researches drank coffee without caffeine. Besides, on different people of coffee operates differently.

Some people, owing to genetic features can drink more coffee without consequences for health issues, but this menu will be absolutely counter-indicative for another man.
More in detail about work of scientists is possible to reading from «The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition».

Danger — Hypertension

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