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Appetite Loss: Reasons & Treatment
Loss of appetite

Loss of Appetite It's No Good

Healthy appetite not without reason is considered a sign of good health, however even small physical or emotional problems can affect appetite and as a whole on a health of Americans. The reasons of loss of appetite can be the most different: from problems with digestive system to serious diseases.

The Reasons of Loss of Appetite

  • Pneumonia, hepatitis, HIV, infections of kidneys, a flu;
  • Serious diseases of a liver and cardiovascular system;
  • Separate kinds of a cancer — a blood cancer, a cancer of a thick gut, a stomach cancer;
  • Inflammation of intestines, the digestive channel;
  • Endocrine problems, diabetes, low level of a hormone of a thyroid gland;
  • Mental frustration: depression, a schizophrenia, a nervous anorexia;
  • Certain medical preparations, antibiotics, chemotherapy, medicines for a diabetes;
  • Pregnancy.

Besides above-named, there is also a set of other reasons of loss of appetite.
Appetite loss can cause and some bad habits: for example, the use of sweets or the nonalcoholic sweetened drinks between dishes. On occasion appetite loss can be caused the excessive use of the "heavy dishes" rich with sated fats.

Loss of Appetite: Diagnostics

If appetite loss develops gradually and is accompanied by weight loss, medical examination is necessary, thus such appetite loss can signal about serious problems with health.

For example, the urine analysis allows to diagnose infections of kidneys, and a thorax X-ray — will reveal a pneumonia or a cancer of lungs.

The number of the most widespread medical procedures applied at diagnostics of the reasons of loss of appetite, includes ultrasonic research of bodies of a belly cavity, the full analysis of blood, the test for a HIV, testing of function of kidneys, testing of function of a liver, the test for pregnancy, research of function of a thyroid gland, the urine analysis etc.

Long-term Effects of Loss Appetite

If absence of appetite remains throughout several weeks, it can lead to an organism exhaustion, shortage of the nutrients necessary for its normal functioning. Other long-term consequences of loss of appetite depend on the reason which have caused this condition.

Treatment of loss of appetite in many respects depends on the reason which have caused this condition. For example, if appetite loss is caused by pregnancy — the treatment is not required — appetite will be restored by a natural way in some weeks. As a rule, appetite is restored after full treatment of the illness which have caused this condition.

How to get rid of Appetite Loss?

One of the most effective nutritious food additives — yeast in a combination with a vitamin B complex. The lack of a mineral of zinc can affect sense of smell and touch that, in turn, negatively affects appetite of the person.