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The Natural Wooden Toys: Review and Giveaway

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Marika contacted me about doing a review on my blog, she sent my boys a Natural Wooden Toys to test out for you guys. My boys love it!!! They actually fight over it, it's kinda funny... and we own a few other wood toys too! They have smaller cars, a red fire truck, and a blue helicopter... BUT they only wanted to play with this flatbed truck. I think the best thing my boys liked was there was a little "man" that rode in the truck. I love the simple design that allows my children to use their imagination to play.

The toys is made up of Marika, a husband and wife team from NYC, along with our 16-mo-old son as our product tester! Many of our patterns were passed down to us by Marika's father, who was also a skilled carpenter! Our goal is to create a natural alternative to some of the plastic, noisy toys that are currently on the market! All of our products are hand-crafted, and finished in either beeswax or organic flax seed oil, both of which are completely safe for kids to chew or suck on. And none of our toys contain any non-natural material, other than our train hooks and the magnetic alphabet train we are currently coming out with! We have only been doing this for about 5 months, although Aaron has been working with his hands for most of his life! We are hoping to someday be able to do this full-time, but right now it doesn't quite pay the bills.

Our target audience is parents of infants through about 6-yr-olds (although many of our toys can be enjoyed well into childhood and even become heirloom toys), who are looking for organic, hand-made toys that are safe for their children! We currently sell our products on Etsy, where we are a member of Team EtsyBaby. We are hoping to launch our independent website in the next month. People can follow us on facebook if they want to find out when we launch new products or when we are doing craft fairs or markets.

My favorite shop on Etsy is The Red Pistachio... she makes adorable baby blankets, bibs, washcloths and other baby items! They also have wooden teething rings, a pretty cool wooden train and the Wheel, and even wooden crayon holders! I can't decide if I want the train or the Wheel!

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