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Helpful Tips on How To Start Jogging

You have to stride rather than stroll – hips reaching forward to pull you ahead, arms bent and swinging vigorously to work the upper body muscles.

Whether you walk for fitness or for fun, the following tips may be of help.

* Check with your own doctor, especially if you are over 40, before commencing an exercise programme.

* Wear good shoes and socks. There are expensive running shoes on the market, but a comfortable pair of tennis shoes is satisfactory. Reasonably thick socks can prevent blisters and callosities, offering extra cushioning and absorbing the moisture of perspiration.

* Take things easy. Walking a kilometre in 10 minutes may ‘be a good pace to start with, especiaily if you have not been exercising since you left school. After a few sessions, gradually increase your distance and your speed.

* A daily walk is not essential. Every other day, or three days per week, is enough. And walking for about half an hour each time is sufficient – although if you have the time and the inclination, there is certainly no harm in doing more.

* Before starting, do some gentle warm up exercises to loosen muscles and ligaments, and prevent soreness. Roll your head horn side to side to stretch your neck. Rotate your arms. Reach and stretch with your arms, legs and back.

* Once on the track (or road) walk tall- keep your chin up, shoulders back, chest forward and tummy in. Breathe deeply and rhythmically. Swing your arms – you will feel the benefits in your upper body, and appreciate the extra push of the arm action.

* As you near the end of your exercise period, slow your pace and start relaxing. After you stop, you should cool down' by doing the same ‘warm up' exercises you did while starting.

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