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Healthy Facts For Kids (Healthy Facts For Children)

Healthy Facts For Kids. Child Obesity in America and worldwide is a major health problem. In fact, obesity has the potential to be a lot of physical problems and psychological impact of children. Weight as children grow normally, as long as they are within the limits of their body mass index. When the weight is more than what is considered a healthy weight than children considered obese can get. Some facts obesity is type II diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol

There are many causes of obesity. The main cause is eating more calories than your body burns through physical activity. Obesity in children is often a result of dietary factors, psychology, physiology, and family. It is well known that many children of obese parents obese. This may be due to genetic reasons, but most times is the result of the lifestyle of the parents.

Parents are role models and if they have poor eating habits and practices of routine physical activities of their children inherit the bad habits of the same crime. Additional facts obesity is children spending too much television or playing video games. While engaged in this activity, they tend to be high-calorie snacks and soft drinks loaded with sugar to eat. Children also play a role in obesity. Studies show that children with overweight mothers was found less active than children of normal weight mothers.

Obesity Risk

Children who remain high-calorie foods, such as restaurants, fast machine, donut shop and an increased risk of obesity take. In order to maintain their body weight to burn calories through physical training. If they do not, they will gain weight. In psychology, the fact of obesity in children who have difficulty dealing with stress and emotions lead to obesity. Many children who experience emotional difficulties will prove to food as a refugee. Often, foods high in sugar for a moment to give them a sense of euphoria to reduce stress and leave them with a sense of familiarity.

Health Risks

There are health risks associated with being overweight, physical or psychological.Physical risks include high cholesterol, hypertension, heart disease, type II diabetes, liver disease, sleep disorders, and some other respiratory problems. In addition to children at risk of obesity, stroke, heart attack, and some cancers. Psychologically, they feel lonely and depressed. Obese children are invited on, mockingly, and they have a few friends that impact their self-esteem and body image.


According to the facts of obesity best solution is to promote and implement a healthy diet. This means that lifestyle changes in eating habits for the entire physical activity.Depending on the age of your child care when deciding what weight loss diet a formal program. Keep in mind that they can still go through the process of natural growth. A healthy diet is also very fresh foods like fruits and vegetables. Eliminate fried foods and instead go for grilled or baked foods. Avoid processed foods and foods high in salt or sugar.

To achieve the best results with the fact of obesity requires a change in eating habits and exercise. It all starts with making changes as a family. Food must have a family at the dinner table. Encourage eating slowly and not allow the television to see the meal.Provide healthy snacks and remind your child that it is a snack rather than eat. In addition to the family involved in more training. Take a walk together every day and create jobs that require physical activity, like taking the dog for a walk, pollution, or even clean their rooms.

These are the main facts of obesity. Results take time, but with patience and determination can help your child regain their health and lead active lives.

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