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Nutrition Facts. Baby's condition calories, depending on the size, growth, total activity, and energy needed for metabolic activity. As a new parent, you should know that the need for calories per pound of body weight was higher in the first year of life compared to the other. Some of the recommended calorie intake is developed due to differences in the variation between children. For four to six months of life, breastfeeding or bottle-feed enough calories. Planning your child's growth (height and weight) standard schedule to determine the suitability of his / her calorie intake.

Baby food calories provided by protein, fat and carbohydrates. Proteins are the basic elements of every cell in the body. Protein needs, 50 percent for growth in the first two months of life, and decreased to about 11 percent within two or three years. 40 to 50 percent of calories given to babies come from fat. Fat is also a source of essential fatty acids. Carbohydrates are the main source of food energy. Water for six months first met through a variety of breast milk or formula.


All the health experts agree that breastfeeding is the recommended method of infant nutrition.

Great benefits of breastfeeding for mother and child. Clearly superior to milk formula, and contains anti-bodies, which reduces the risk of infection for the baby. Baby with mother's milk have a lower incidence of respiratory infections, gastrointestinal, and ear. Baby food costs and reduced capacity for the nursing mother-child bonding support.

Food formula

Government, most countries have developed standards for infant formula. This guide is to ensure that the nutritional formula that is similar to a good breast milk of healthy women. Most infant formula is better defined than cow's milk or soy-shape, and both types will meet the nutritional needs of children. Bottle-fed to come in the form of low-iron and iron-fortified.

Newborns can eat about a dozen times a day. If weight loss is obtained, giving the baby any more and the number of meals per day will decrease. Infants who receive adequate food will have at least six wet diapers per day, and will appear satisfied after eating.

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