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Healthy Habit Tips (Healthy Habit Challenge (Healthy Habit For Kids)

Start your baby solid foods can be a daunting task, with so much information available, and WHO (World Health Organisation) recommendations for changing them every few years, he left some parents confused and not sure the best time to start. You will find many doctors recommend that babies be restless because of hunger and show that after four months of solid would be a wise choice. More will certainly oppose this option, believe breast milk (or formula) should be more than enough to keep the child. Several studies have been done indicate that the increased risk of allergies by introducing solid foods too early, others do not have a link included. More likely to cause allergy program will use chemicals, preservatives, artificial color, artificial and processed foods.

So, whether you start from 4 months, 6 months, or wait until your baby is interested in finger foods to try. The final decision rests with you. In addition to everything else, there will be more than dairy foods, the main source of food waste in the first six months of life. (Of course, some have used this formula and also ok, life gives us all a different situation). The introduction of solids does not mean you should stop the baby from the breast / bottle, but their extra milk with meals. Breastfeeding / bottle for 12 months at least ideally. Talk to your doctor, nurse or even talk to a lactation consultant can help you with expensive materials. But .. Finally ... Do what you feel most comfortable with and not get into something you feel.

As long as you have a child fresh, processed, natural foods, you give them the right to start them with the building blocks for a healthy future. Early Learning good eating habits and they are more inclined to go for the best option because they are adults.Variety is the spice of life, so keep the food interesting and do not be afraid to try new combinations. Once your baby has led you to the food you offer, to make changes on a variety of flavors and textures to create. Baby will not know, like candy, if he is not given to them, from infants to bland foods and keep it sweet for the race later, sweet potato (Kumera), would be a good choice for the first pure. Introduce a new vegetable each week, the fruit after taste for vegetables. Even if you do not eat certain vegetables or fruit, a small amount to buy for your baby to try, with more than once, it's important they experience different, especially if the family does not have a diet rich in whole foods.

Keep the container out of the store bought baby food, making your own mashed potatoes and mixed frozen vegetables for convenience, or freeze individual ice cubes in vegetable, combining different varieties of each food. Cooking pumpkin, spinach, beets and zucchini or sweet and fresh, potatoes and broccoli, zucchini, peas and carrots: Carrots and apples, try the delicious combo of fruit: pear, banana and blueberries, apples, bananas and peaches, apples and pears, bananas and avocados, the possibilities are endless ... You can cook and puree in a separate protein, frozen in ice cube trays, so you can choose another cube to the mix every time. Chicken, beans, beef, lamb, fish. No fear for many things, such as polenta, quinoa and brown rice and wheat and milk to a minimum, especially when they are young to try.

Feel good knowing you are giving your baby the perfect start in life, a variety of healthy diet filled with a healthy appetite and texture, and they will more than likely continue to expand the palette to a variety of nutritious foods.

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