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Health Products. Do you want healthy, white teeth and fresh breath? All this can be achieved if you follow the correct health and a clean mouth, teeth and mouth properly. Because many people dream with perfect teeth, but they did not do much about. In this article I have some products that you use regularly.

The key to better oral health is the best product to use to clean your teeth and mouth.And if your mouth is clean then it will likely for bacteria to linger and cause damage. It is also possible to avoid plaque build up and destroy your teeth to get started.

Here are some oral health products should always be at your house and of course you always use.

1. Fluoride toothpaste

There are so many signs of toothpaste with a wealth of material advertised with white teeth and fresh breath give. But the key ingredients you need can be found in toothpaste is fluoride. This is the substance responsible for creating strong and healthy teeth. And if you're wondering well, gels or pastes, the answer is no. Both are equally effective in cleaning your teeth. It's just a matter of choice.

2. Toothbrush

Of course if your toothbrush will be suitable. When you choose a toothbrush instead of thinking about your comfort and not just price. The approach should be long enough to help all areas of your mouth. Coat should not be too hard because it can scratch your tooth. A toothbrush with tongue cleaner is a bonus, but not a must.

3. Floss

All the same when it comes to dental floss to clean between your teeth. What is a wax or wax with no taste or no taste or a matter of priority. Flossing is known that breath gum disease, halitosis or bad and prevent tooth decay.

4. Mouthwash

Gargle or mouthwash effective in dealing with tartar, plaque and bacteria to build up in your mouth. This is an item you can enter as a follow-up routine of brushing and flossing to help your mouth feel truly clean and fresh. However, mouthwash does not completely eliminate the need for brushing and flossing as well.

5. Throat sweets

Although the focus is the throat, candy, effective in fighting bacteria, which in turn can prevent halitosis or bad odors. This should be taken in moderation as a direct application for a few days may have some impact on your health.

These are just some oral health products, always at your house. And of course you use regularly, in particular, you should brush your teeth at least twice a day and you need to wire after a meal. Several other products are introduced every year, but remain above the policy of every clean mouth and teeth.

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