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Time of Year for Giving Thanks

While Thanksgiving was never really a big production growing up - usually just the immediate family and every once and awhile grandparents - it is starting to grow on me... almost more than the "traditional" holiday season. Although often considered the start of the holiday season I really think it gets less credit than it deserves. Thanksgiving is one of the only holidays celebrated equally across the board by every American. The meal is nearly the same at ever table you sit, which creates a connectedness to your neighbor and their family. And perhaps the best feature in my eyes is not giving gifts! The spirit is about being happy and content with those you choose to spend time, nothing more than a simple thank you.

To sum up my sentiments and steal a quote from someone else,
"It is simple, secular, and lacking in cynicism. It is indulgent without being materialistic."

Here are my Thanks for the year, I am thankful:

- I have a bed to sleep, food to eat, and shoes to run.
- For a supportive family.
- For kind friends - even though I don't get to see some of my favorites all that often.
- For new friends I've met this past year and old friends who have moved away but are not forgotten.
- For sisters that are more than family.
- That I have become more like my parents than I ever thought I would.
- I am relatively healthy.
- I can run without being injured (knocking on wood).
- I have the knowledge to choose healthy foods to fuel my body.
- That I found a group for my spiritual well being (this was definitely missing my first year and a half).
- That I successfully defended in August.
- For having the opportunity to do scientific research on a molecular level - I have so much more respect.
- That I am getting a "free" education.
- To live by logic and reasoning.
- For my bright students - always willing to try.
- For the opportunity to follow my life's passion.
- For my internship - I am professionally more at peace than I have been in the last few years.
- For the ability to recognize negativity in my life and avoid it.
- That I can say more often than not, that I am happy.
- Eternally for nutrition - it saved my life and I honestly don't know where I'd be without that education.
- That I am looking forward to the next chapter of my life - whatever that may be.

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