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Dairy Farmers of Canada Tuck Canadians In For A Good Night’s Sleep

When it comes to sleep, Canadians overwhelmingly feel they are falling short, with close to 70 per cent putting better quality sleep on their wish list, according to a new national study released by Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) today. The Canadian Sleep Review 2016, which includes a discussion paper and survey implemented by Vision Critical, polled Canadians on sleep habits and attitudes. It offers insights and advice from a panel of leading sleep experts who call on Canadians to make sleep a priority — both to feel better now and guard against serious long term illness.

According to the survey, many Canadians — 40 per cent — do not wake up refreshed, with irritability throughout the day, impacting all aspects of daily life. Furthermore, half of Canadians (49 per cent) admit lack of sleep affects productivity at work, and six in ten would take a nap if they could. The Canadian Sleep Review 2016 and Project Sleep, an initiative from Dairy Farmers of Canada, is part of DFC’s ongoing work to explore and build awareness about serious health and social issues, which are important to its members and all Canadians.

“Sleep is something all healthy Canadians need without question, and concerns of a general lack thereof are what prompted Dairy Farmers of Canada to raise awareness about the subject,” says Caroline Emond, executive director, Dairy Farmers of Canada. “Helping Canadians gain a better understanding of their sleep requirements is a step towards a healthier Canada. Our goal is to help foster the discussion and raise the sleep priority.”

Developed in partnership with DDB Canada, the Project Sleep campaign includes a series of television, radio, digital and social executions that target those suffering from sleep deprivation. The 60- and 30-second spot “Goodnight Canada” is a mesmerizing, visual-lullaby of lights turning off accompanied by Canadian singer-songwriter Hayden performing his own rendition of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” Whereas the two 15-second spots and 5-second prerolls take a different approach and show a dairy farmer staying up late to help viewers who are sleep deprived, by telling them a bedtime story or shushing them to sleep, (below).

“Like all Canadians, dairy farmers place immense value on a good night’s sleep,” says Paul Wallace, executive creative director, DDB Canada Toronto. “To help Dairy Farmers of Canada champion the cause of sleep, the new campaign seeks to raise awareness of Canada’s sleep issue and provide solutions to those looking for a better night’s rest.”

All creative executions drive to where Canadians can go to learn more about the campaign. Between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am, a sleep state is activated on the site, encouraging users to turn off their screens and go to sleep. For those having difficulty falling asleep, the volume can be turned up to hear ambient white noise to help induce sleep. Designed by DDB Canada and developed by Mirum, the digital hub includes aggregated social and editorial content on sleep advice, issues and rituals that promote sleep. Users may also view the discussion paper, where experts weighed in with insights and comments on The Canadian Sleep Review 2016, in an effort to explore the current state of sleep in Canada and provide perspective.

Targeting behavior and not a demographic, Initiative’s media strategy and buy includes a heavy late-night television buy and dayparting executions. Digital and social advertising is aimed at Canadians who are online late at night or searching sleep-related topics.

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