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Sponsored Post - The 6th ROIfestival Salutes Creativity in China

The development of China needs the rise of innovative economy. Compared with developed countries, the gap of creative industry between China and other developed countries not only lies in the dimensions but also the long-term shortage of business creativity theory. On November 13th, at the largest Asian Creativity festival, 6th ROIfestival, the founder of Festival, Onicek He, make the world debut of his new book --, the first book of business creativity theory. The work talks about how to maximize creativity and create the most business returns, accelerating the transformation from “made in China” to “Create in China” theoretically. Adhering to “let market value creativity”, those outstanding works from all the 3802 entries collected from 400 leading media, advertising agencies, public relation firms were awarded.

The 6th ROIfestival held in Shanghai including three parts: Global Leading Creative Summit, ROI Award Ceremony, “Red Carpet Show & Reception Dinner for 2014 top 10 most expected Chinese digital platform competitive bidding”. Depending on its strong charisma, the 6th ROIfestival attracted more than 100 keynote speakers as well as the 4000 audiences from different areas. During the three days, 33 keynote speeches, two award ceremonies and a party on “a salute to creativity “were presented, talking about the “Chinese dream” in creativity industry. The keynote speakers including Howard Draft, the initiator of direct marketing theory; Andrew Robertson, the CEO of BBDO global, Li Guifen, the CEO of Aegis Greater China and many other industry leaders; Ding Lei, the CEO of Netease, Wang Zhongjun, the president of Huayi Brothers, Li Yong, the general manager of SMG Shanghai and many other Chinese media leaders; Duan Zhongxi, the founder of ROCK STONE, Chen Kun, Huang Bo, Super Wu, Momo Wu, Jane Zhang, Wang Zijian and other celebrities showed their opinion on creativity as well.

Andrew Robertson, the CEO of BBDO Global at 6th ROIfestival
In a fast developing era, the fast development of mass information sets challenge to people who work in creativity industry. While the keynote speakers who are on the cusp of market, presented awesome speeches that would provide intellectual support to people. Meanwhile, the development of Chinese Economy needs the rise of creativity economy. The creativity economy is the core of new economy. Creativity industry will promote the culture industry to become Chinese cornerstone industry. Only with advancing innovation can the extensive knowledge and profound scholarship of Chinese culture be transformed into business value, affecting the public and make China stand rock-firm in the family of nations.
The 6th ROIfestival has also organized many associated activities.
In order to provide more opportunities to Chinese young talents and accumulate more power to Chinese creativity industry, the 6th ROIfestival set special prize-giving sessions! In the past, ROIfestival cooperated with WPP School (a branch of the largest advertising group –WPP) and bank of Communications, set auditions in 160 universities of mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong., organized the first ROI Young People creativity competition. The outstanding works were awarded at ROIfestival. It set a great platform for young talents.

Set a New Era

At the ROIfestival this year, the first composition about business creativity theory was published. The book was written by Onicek He, who is the founder and chief organizer of ROI Festival. Based on his survey on more than 20,000 good entries from the past 6 festivals, the book provided a new prospective for the survey of Chinese creativity economy and messages of greeting rained in.

Business Creativity The father of American Direct marketing, the founder from the famous 4As, Draftfcb, Howard Draft spoke highly of business creativity. He said,” the inspirations of business creativity comes from the accumulation of the 6 years experience of ROIfestival. The book develops a tool to measure business creativity, and build a new theory. The readers can learn the importance of the balance between science and art. The book is a virtual bible for people who are working in creativity industry.
Onicek He, the founder of ROIfestival , is the author of Business Creativity. As the youngest member of China Advertising Association, a guest professor of School of Journalism and Communication in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, a guest professor of Shanghai Jiao tong University media and design campus, he had rich experience in ad effect evaluation, media rating and advertising group management. Now, he is dedicated to developing ROI Award into one of the top 5 Creativity Awards all around the world.

Howard Draft at 6th ROIfestival
At the news conference, Onicek He announced that will be the guidelines of ROI Awards. It will help to make ROIfestival transferring from “Made in china” to “Create in China”. Sticking to the “Business Creativity”, ROIfestival has rooted in China and influenced global creativity.

Asian “Creativity King” List Was Revealed
ROI Award has become one of the fattest developing, largest and best quality Awards in Asia since 2007.This year, 488 companies and 3802 entries took part in the competition. Some of those entrants come from global leading advertising firms, design companies. The entries covers dozen of industries, including real estate, finance and insurance, medical care, commonwealth service, sports, tour and etc.
No matter the battle in production, media, products and digital, creativity will be key point that advertisers and ROIfestival concerned most. ROIfestival advocates the perfect combination of creativity and business, aiming at reward the most innovative brands and enterprises, encouraging them to gain the maximize market returns with limited budget in creative industry. Price Waterhouse Coopers, as the independent balloting committee of ROIfestival, ensures that the judgment of ROIfestival is professional, righteous and authoritative.

The 6th ROIfestival, which is started at the first half of 2013, received warmly response from creative industry. What’s more, the committee set “product design award” this year which is conducted to promote industrial design, making ROI Award an all round creativity award. Adhering to “let market values creativity” and combining the creative concept and commercial value of the campaigns, all the entries were judged by top brand owners and officers from those famous international 4As. Finally, 120 gold award winning entries were selected. Additionally, at the ROI Award Ceremony, another 4 classical campaigns won positive response from all the judges and won ROI grand prix! The most important annual award—Jeep|2013 ROIfestival business creativity leaders of the year are revealed to public. Li Dongsheng, the chairman of China Advertising Association, Zheng Jie, the CEO of Chrysler Asia Pacific, Onicek He, the CEO of ROIfestival presented the awards.

The entrants, who get many awards, will no doubt become a great proof for their innovation ability in Asian Creativity industry. The most eye-catching idols-ROI Ambassadors gave the awards on the stage.
Over a Hundred Masters Gathered Together at Global Leading Creative Summit
Global leading creative summit at 6th ROIfestival is a leading global summit where those world leading cultural creativity leaders, advertising firms officers, and media leaders gathered together. This year, creative leaders from New York, Chicago , Paris, presented 9 keynote speeches and 24 high-end dialogues in the three days’ festival, discussing on the issues related to advertising, marketing, products and business models and other creativity issues, contributed their wisdom to the health development of cultural industry. More than 100 distinguished guests appeared on the stage, shared their opinion and gave inspirations. The star-studded cast is the top Asian one.

The topics at global leading creative summit discussed that with the trend of big data and we-media integration, how to maximize the creativity to create the most returns and what is the key to create entertainment branding content, which are able to connect issues globally. In addition to this, the organizer of ROIfestival cooperated with many authoritative organizations in advertising industry, such as UM, Comscore, Landor, Meikao, shared many latest reports on the trends of industry. The 6th ROIfestival successfully performed the theme “a salute to creativity”. ROIfestival will become more influential in the future, making the Chinese creativity festival become the wind vane of the world.

A few notable winners:

ROIfestival, congratulates Sohu that their Lenovo S890 Launch Campaign got best portals award at 6th ROIfestival

Integrated Media Service Gold Award went to kineticww and L'Oréal Professionnel and it's Lancome Hypn nse Doll Eyes Bar campaign.
For more information about the 6th ROIfestival, visit their official website: and for full run down on all the winners visit

About ROIfestival:
ROIfestival is set to reward the most innovative brands and enterprises, encouraging them to gain the maximize market returns with a limited budget in the creative industry.
"ROI" means return on investment. ROI Awards is organized to inspire brand owners & product design firms, agencies, media, and production houses to produce the best works in product design and creative communications.

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