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8 Million Protagonists

Leo Burnett New York's 8 Million Protagonists premiers this November as a first of its kind Off-Broadway production. 8 Million Protagonists is a crowd-sourced theater play with its plot driven by the online submissions from everyday New Yorkers at

These submitted stories capture the real, uncensored streets of New York, and for the first time are being brought to life as a theater production that reflects the reality entertainment of NYC streets - as the play's description states it is an Off-Broadway play written by the streets of New York City.

8 Million Protagonists premieres November 1 at 9th Space (150 1st Avenue) and will run with limited performances through November 10, 2012.

Category: Public interest;
Brand: New York Writes Itself;
Agency: Leo Burnett New York;
Country: United States of America.

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